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We know that every workplace and culture is unique, so we offer a range of customization options to make sure the feedback you’re getting is as relevant and useful as possible. For more details and pricing, contact a Survey Professional.

Levels and Departments If the generic options for job levels and departments don’t work for your company, you can create options that do. This will help you get more specific feedback and prevent confusion from respondents. Some companies even eliminate the question(s) altogether and simply use categories such as “Manager” and “Non-Manager” or “Exempt” and “Non-Exempt”

Demographics If there is specific demographic information you want to help better categorize data, you can add questions for them. For example, you can ask about respondents’ highest education level, what shifts they work, and more.

Pre-Assigned Information Sometimes, whether accidental or on purpose, employees select inaccurate responses to the job level and department questions. If you like, you can remove them altogether and just tie response options to employees’ email address.

Custom Questions We allow you to add up to five survey questions that are entirely written by you. You can choose from different response types as well. These questions don’t count toward consideration for the “Best" list, they’re simply to help you get information you’d find valuable.

Sample Size Our methodology generally involves surveying a random sample of employees, but if you want to send a message that you value all employees’ feedback, ensure that data is collected from every level and department, or simply increase the likelihood of receiving responses, you can increase the number of people who get the survey.

“Ineligible” Employees You are more than welcome to send surveys to employees who are not “eligible.” Their responses will not count toward your company’s ranking or award consideration, but we know those employees’ feedback can still have value to you.